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Not afraid of cold and heat, spacious space.
Five doors and four seats, standard high-definition reversing image, standard anti-collision beam and standard comfortable large skylight,
Warm air, steel plate shock absorber, front bumper, drum brake, anti-theft device, radio.
Luxury seats, foldable tile design, convenient for your travel and rest.
Metal luggage rack with lamp, reinforced and more stable, injection molded interior trim panel of the whole vehicle,
Led fashionable headlights, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Tricycle fully enclosed scooter for the elderly or ladies pick drop kids

$1,248.00 Regular Price
$1,212.00Sale Price
  • Motor type: sine wave
    Motor power: 800-1000 (W)
    Battery capacity: 48 V - 60 V
    Maximum design speed: 35 (km / h)
    Continuous mileage: 40-70 (km)
    Climbing capacity: General
    Loading weight: 350 (kg)
    Vehicle weight: 240 (kg)
    Trunk size: 2450mm
    Vehicle size: 2450 / 1250 / 1650 / mm