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can offer you ....


1 Teaching Jobs in China
2 Start your self owned Business in China 
3 S
tudy in China/Abroad
4 Import anything from China

5 Get your WORK VISA of China

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China

Brief Introduction 

We are one of the biggest ESL professional organizations in Hunan, China. We have contracts with several top key primary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities in Hunan, China. Our company provides teaching support related to English language to educational institute around Hunan province .

Our company has been in the business since 2004.

Our Companys Head office is located very near to Zhangjiajie city which is considered one of the most beautiful places in China. Unesco awarded it World Heritage Site status in 1992, and then, in 2004, declared it one of the worlds Geo Parks, a classical and world-class demonstration of remarkable geology.

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China

Our Company's Business Scope Including:

Provide foreign languages teaching support, foreign language consultant or foreign employees who hold activities in clients premises for the promotion of foreign language, foreign languages training, foreign languages teaching material, foreign languages Teachers training and certificate, Translation and interpreter services, Virtual Office Services. The branch office is engaged in English training and consultation.

We offer you to be Foreign Experts in China. We will give you the chance to learn how to teach Chinese students in a most effective way. You ll also have the chance to gain valuable English teaching experience.
In China with us, you will not only work with other colleagues of different nationalities and cultures, but also have the chance to gain valuable international experience. You will also have the chance to travel around China.

Life in China
You will be a celebrity
If you resemble anything besides a native Chinese person, get ready to stand out like an ostrich walking down the street. If you happen to be pale with blonde hair, the distinction is even greater. People are going to take your picture

Chinese food is even better than you can imagine
Chinese food is fresh and diverse. I dont know how they do it but Chinese chefs can make a plain plate of cucumbers taste like a delicacy. There are thousands of different dishes to try, and eating out is exponentially cheaper than trying to cook at home. 5-Yuan bowl of noodles

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China

Cost of Living in China
One can live a descent life in China in 3000 Yuan or about $500 a month . 3,000 Yuan per month is generally regarded as white-collar office job, Dont forget China is the worlds factory and they make everything from needle to the planes. Things are cheaper here as compare to the rest of the world. You can also send the goods to your friends and relatives and earn some extra income.

Saving:Beside a decent living in China you can save a handsome money every month
Cost of Living Comparison Between China and Canada See the details here

We are pleased to announce:
1  Job Title:  Foreign Language Consultant(On-Job-Training)
2  Working Time : 6-8 lessons per day(One day off)
3  Work Type:  Foreign Language teaching activities at our clients premises
4  Job Location:ChangSha/NingXiang/Yiyang 
5  Employment Type:Full Time
6  Work Experience:Any or Preferable with teaching experience
7  Gender:Male/female(Native English Speaker only)  or Non Native only Females
8  Age:above 18 below 60
9  Degree Or High school Diploma:  ANY major

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China

10  Contract duration:Sept 1st to June 30th  (No work during July and August) Contract renewable depending on satisfactory work.

11  Meals:By yourself
12 Utility Bills:by yourself
13 Living: Free accommodation
14  Transport:Provided by the company for pick and drop to & from work place.(No transportation is provided within the same city.)

15 Salary:3500yuan/month to 7500yuan/month(depending on your experience).

No salary is given during the month of July and August.

Return Ticket: 5000Yuan return ticket,no matter whatever is the ticket price.(after completion of 10 month contract)

The teacher salary depends on the qualifications and experience.
Paid national holidays
Help upon arrival
Teacher training by professional language consultants
Yearly Promotion

If you agree with terms and conditions mentioned above, please send the following documents. After receiving your documents we will set the day for telephonic interview

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China

Documents Required :

1.Fresh colored passport size photograph and five minutes self introduction through Skype video message.
2.Resume in English
3.Passport copy (Pages showing your details and photo)
4.Application Form online plus hard copy(done by our office only)

5.Highest Education Qualification copy(attested by the Chinese Embassy)
6.Work Experience Letter or Reference letter(s) (from previous company or employer)

7.Physical examination from the prescribed hospital by the Embassy of China in your country.

8.No criminal certificate from the local police station Area(attested by the Chinese Embassy).

9.Formal Employment Contract in English and Chinese (After selection)


Your Need to get the stamp from protectorate department in your passport in your home country.

The Chinese Embassy will not attest any document unless it is first attested from the office of Ministry of Foreign Affair in your city or home country.
In case of your degree First let it attested by University Grants Commission, then by from the office of Ministry of Foreign Affair and lastly by Embassy of China.

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China

This web page is only for the reference and introduction of the job. For further details about terms and conditions . Please read the contract carefully and if you agree with the terms and conditions you can sign at the bottom of every page in the contract wherever signatures are required by an applicant . Company will only follow the contract. Please print both the contracts in the English and Chinese and sign your name wherever it is required and send us the signed and scanned copy to our e-mail address along with all the other required documents mentioned on our web page

Supporting Documents

  Z Visa or Work Visa
One of the following documents:
(1) VISA  Notice or Employment License of the People's Republic of China issued by Chinese government authorities for Human Resources and Social Security; 
(2) Permit for Foreign Experts Working in China or Notification Letter of Foreigner s Work Permit in the P. R. China issued by  (SAFEA)  State Administration of Foreign Experts Authority

(3) Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices of Enterprises of Foreign Countries (regions) issued by Chinese authorities of industrial and commercial administration.
(4) An approval document for commercial performances issued by the Chinese government authorities for cultural affairs;

If you want to Start Your New Life in China, please fill up the application form below, and contact us through whatsApp for more guidance:008613337370424.

1.Services Required Application Form

2.Branch Manager Contract

3.Salary Form

Foreign Teachers in Action
Opening Ceremony of Branch Office


Learn how to Teach in China
Learn Chinese By Chinese Native Teachers
Learn English by English Native Teachers
Learn How to Assemble Smart Phones
Learn How to Assemble E-Bikes
After the Required Training both in Pakistan and China ,the successful candidates will be Awarded a Certificate/Diploma and will be placed in China either in Self owned Business or work as a Teacher or Foreign Language Consultant in a School

1 Job Placement/ Start Any Business in China
2 We can help you to Import Anything from China
3 We can Open your Company's Branch Office in China and provide you all possible help you need to run your business in China
4 We can provide ONLINE Interpreter and Translation Services in between Chinese in to English/Chinese

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Our Services


Contact Us

We Chat &What's App

0092 310 9222171

(Pakistani WhatsApp) ;

0086 13337370424

(Chinese WhatsApp)

Foreign Teacher to School 13jpg.jpg

Head Office in China: 



Imp & Exp Trading Co.

Add:268 YiXinYuan Building YingBin Road, Yiyang, Hunan, China

Branch Office in Pakistan:


Hunan Midway Trading Co. 

Imp & Exp Trading Co.

Add: House # 43 St.13 Sector 1 Adyala Road, Gulshan Abad, Rawalpindi Pakistan

WhatsApp: 0092 310 9222171(Pakistani WhatsApp) ; 008613337370424(Chinese WhatsApp)

Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
An amount of USD500  (Non Refundable) as an application fee should be paid in advance via Western Union on the undermentioned account along with the required documents.
The balance amount for All the Services Required will be payable through the same account by the applicant on receipt of the Visa Notice.
All the fees can be sent Via Western Union as mentioned Below.

Details for Sending the 
Fee Through Western Union
Given Name : Xia
Family Name: Qin 
Chinese ID# : 430903198410051527
Head Office
Nasir English Educational Services Pvt.Ltd
Branch Office 
Midway Trading Company
Imp & Exp Trading Co 
Add: 268 YiXinYuan Building YingBin Road,
Yiyang, Hunan, China
Cell Phone: 

WhatsApp :
(Pakistani WhatsApp) ;0092 310 9222171 (Chinese WhatsApp)   0086 13337370424
Teach In China | Work Visa of China|Business in China
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