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Pure Electric MG E-Motion


How about pure electric mg e-motion: appearance
In terms of appearance, the new car is extremely sporty. The front face adopts the latest lattice air inlet grille of Mg family. The chrome plated front surround outlines an exaggerated air inlet opening. The headlights continue the same London Eye design as mingjue ZS. In addition, the new car also adopts a unique butterfly door shape.

How about pure electric mg e-motion: interior decoration
As a GT sports car, the interior design of Mg e-motion concept car highlights a good sense of sports and luxury. The air outlet of turbo air conditioner is matched with the instrument panel with red background, giving people a little fighting atmosphere. At the same time, the curved screen design of the center console, coupled with the short and exquisite shift lever, gives people a great sense of future.

How about pure electric mg e-motion: Configuration
In terms of configuration, in addition to the conventional configurations such as ESP, panoramic sunroof and electronic gear handle, the most important thing is that the new car is equipped with SAIC's new generation of vehicle networking system. In the rear design, the sliding back design combined with the integrated panoramic sunroof looks very unique. In addition, the new tail lamp group looks more British. At the same time, the diffuser design at the bottom of the car and the large lifting spoiler show the good performance of the new car.

How about pure electric mg e-motion: Power
In terms of power, the new car is mainly powered by 2.0T, and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is between 7-8 seconds. With the pure electric system, the acceleration time of 0-100 km / h is less than 4 seconds, and the maximum mileage may exceed 500 kilometers.

How about pure electric mg e-motion: Black Technology
In addition to seeing the appearance and structure of the future, Mg e-motion concept has a series of "black technologies". Based on SAIC's new pure electric modular architecture platform, Mg e-motion concept, a cross time and space car, accelerates for 4 seconds at a speed of 100 kilometers and has a range of more than 500 kilometers. While providing control fun, it achieves the running dream of the younger generation with cleaner energy with more future significance. In addition, the full implementation of intelligent interconnection system makes mg e-motion concept "network" profound, fully meet the needs of young people for intelligent travel, respond to users' imagination for the future, and let young people encounter the future.

Pure Electric MG E-Motion


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