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Micro exhibition 30 speed speed speed change fingering, accurate and fast positioning, speed change freely, reducing delays or errors. High strength folding carbon steel frame, high load-bearing, high welding, fish scale welding. Fast folding, easy to carry. It can lock the shock absorption front fork, ride on all terrain, thicken the wear-resistant tires, and have strong grip and effective anti-skid. Wear and tear resistance. The mechanical disc brake has strong bite and good braking effect.

Variable speed shock absorption bicycle disc brake student mount

$85.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Cross border package weight: 21kg   Unit weight: 20kg   Product volume: 135cm * 19cm * 72cm
    Material: carbon steel car    Model: mx-01
    Frame structure: folding car   Collapse: Yes
    Propulsion mode: Chain
    Load capacity: 120kg
    Braking system: double disc brake
    Frame type: hard frame
    Front fork type: spring fork (low gear without damping)
    Configuration grade standard: standard type
    Pedal type: ordinary pedal
    Brake type: front and rear mechanical disc brakes
    Color: red, black, white, yellow,
    Size: 26 "21 speed, 26" 24 speed, 26 "27 speed, 26" 30 speed, 24 "21 speed, 24" 24 speed, 24 "27 speed, 24" 30 speed

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