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Exquisite appearance, luxurious interior and quality assurance!
Product advantages:
Cool front face, super light.
The rear seat is foldable, and the rear seat is flat. It can be turned forward and used immediately, saving space and making the truck larger in seconds.
Three door design makes loading more convenient. The back door can be opened. It is convenient to pull goods. There is a built-in spare tire.
Handle operation, the elderly and women can easily drive.
Five door four seat car technology hinge with built-in security.


Electric tricycle with canopy student pick drop shuttle car adult scooter

$1,158.00 Regular Price
$1,118.00Sale Price
  • Motor type: DC motor
    Motor power: 650 (W)
    Battery capacity: 45 A
    Maximum design speed: 35 (km / h)
    Continuous mileage: 45-65 (km)
    Climbing capacity: General
    Loading weight: 320 (kg)
    Vehicle weight: 320 (kg)
    Trunk size: 2450
    Vehicle size: 2450
    Color: white

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