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Suitable age:  2-5 years old,   3-6 years old,    4-8 years old
Adaptive height:  80-120,    93-130,    103-145
Comfortable saddle: ergonomic design is adopted, which is more in line with ergonomics according to international tests. Riding heel is labor-saving and comfortable.
Closed chain cover: the closed chain cover design can effectively prevent clothes from being involved in the chain and prevent the baby from being hurt.
Anti Slip Grip: high quality grip prevents the baby's little hand from slipping, and non-toxic and odorless brake handle is specially designed for children, which is more in line with the grip mode of the hand.
Anti skid pedal: upgraded to high-grade anti-skid pedal for mountain bike, with exquisite shape and more fashionable and beautiful.
Steel wire car frame: the car frame is safe and firm, and the car frame is safe and durable.
Conjoined crank: it adopts an integrated conjoined crank, which is safe and durable, and is also equipped with anti-skid and beautiful pedals.
Auxiliary wheel: upgrade the mechanical support of the auxiliary wheel, which is more solid and makes the body more stable

Children's bicycle boys' and girls' baby bike mountain bike four-wheel bicycle

$32.00 Regular Price
$28.80Sale Price
  • Aluminum alloy quick disassembly: upgrade aluminum alloy quick disassembly, high-grade environmental protection aluminum alloy material, and quickly adjust the seat.
    Four point handle stand: the four point handle stand design makes the handlebar more firm, the upgrade more beautiful, and the four point screw fixation more solid.
    The height of the handlebar is adjustable: the height of the seat and handlebar can be adjusted freely according to the baby's height and riding comfort.
    Anti skid and wear-resistant tires: widened and thickened wear-resistant tires, fashionable and dynamic lines, greatly improving wear resistance and grip!
    Deepen the grain, ride with low resistance, anti-skid and wear-resistant.
    Adult mountain bike level specification, stiffener material. Widening and thickening design.

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