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It's better to ride than buy toys. Riding can develop body, cognition and emotion better than toys.
Does the child need to buy a bike again when he grows tall?
Retractable children's bicycle: the handlebar, frame and seat can be retracted safely. The same bicycle allows children to ride for two more years.
Sturdy frame
Safety material
Easy installation
Wheel brake at
3C compulsory authentication

Zero welding, firmer and safer: the frame is integrated, and zero welding contact, firmer and safer.
Safe disc brake, safe and visible: stop immediately, safe and reliable, so that both mother and baby are at ease. Front wheel caliper brake (baby riding safer) rear wheel disc brake (sensitive brake, stop at any time)
Multilayer thickened explosion-proof tire: double-layer ring with rubber pad for more comfortable shock absorption and stronger grip of anti-skid tread. (ring belt rubber pad, ring belt rubber pad, rope ring belt, grip anti-skid rubber tread)
Anti pinch chain box: full coverage chain box to protect the baby's riding safety.
Easy installation in ten minutes: Mom can install it easily.

Children's bicycle 3-6 years old 12 inch 14 inch 16 inch children's bicycle

$78.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
  • Cross border package weight: 10kg
    Unit weight: 10kg
    Product volume: 108CM * 18cm * 68cm
    Applicable age: over 3 years old
    Type: Children's bicycle
    Size: 12 inch / 14 inch / 16 inch
    Body length: 85CM / 98cm / 113cm
    Body height: 64cm / 76cm / 88cm
    Body width: 38cm / 38cm / 38cm
    Product weight: 8.5kg/9.5kg/10.5kg
    Whether it can be expanded or not: it can be expanded or not by 8cm
    Suitable age: 2-4 and a half years / 3-7 and a half years / 5-11 years
    Suitable height: 85-110cm / 95-125cm / 110-140cm

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