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Three speed regulation and driving modes: 8km / h novice mode, 18km / h ordinary mode, 24km / h sports mode (maximum speed), passionate driving and safer.
The rear wheel turns into a balanced car, which is cooler and more fun. It is equipped with headlights and Warning horns in front of angels.
Equation tail, aggressive side leakage, strong wind.
The body length is adjustable, and the height of the steering wheel is adjustable. It is suitable for people with a height of 120-200cm, and the load can reach 150kg.
Go kart frame, equipped with balance car: it can drift with hand brake, steering ratio of 2.1:1, climbing angle of 15 °, speed limit of 24km / h, charging for 3-4 hours and driving range of 20km.
Third generation patent version, brand-new design, dual-purpose vehicle, driving fun, detachable rear wheel, large variable balance vehicle.
New modeling design, sharp outline and visual impact.
Flexible body, adult toys, child racing: the height of the steering wheel is adjustable, the load of the go kart can reach 150kg, and the body length is retractable, suitable for the height of 120-200cm.

Left brake and right throttle; Frosted tactile steering wheel; Pneumatic rubber tire; Mechanical hand brake; Safety pedal; Cool tail; Angel headlights;

20 km (measured under ideal conditions, subject to actual conditions);
Mobile app interconnection function, real-time monitoring of vehicle status, set vehicle functions at will, very close to the vehicle housekeeper.
Modified accessories are more cool and play a new trend.
The body is charming and more charming; The model is cool and more stylish; Colorful lights, more wonderful; Fashionable style, more personality;

Upgraded go kart adult electric 4WD drift car children's balance car

$958.00 Regular Price
$910.10Sale Price
  • Weight unit: 0.3KG
    Maximum mileage: 15km (included) - 25km (excluded)
    Product Name: third generation split go kart
    Adaptive balance car - model: kdc54v
    Size: vehicle size: 1400 * 870 * 600mm after deployment (max status), 1004 * 822 * 459mm before deployment (min status)
    Package size: 1230 * 890 * 525mm
    Weight: maximum load: 150kg
    Net weight: the net weight of the frame is about 30kg, and the integrated vehicle is 40kg
    Applicable height for driving: 120-200cm; Applicable driving age: over 4 years old
    Vehicle mode: speed 24 miles, steering ratio 2.1:1
    Front compartment battery model: No. 5 dry battery; Quantity: 6 sections
    Tire size: tire width 80mm, flat ratio 60%, hub diameter 51mm (127mm)
    Braking mode: electronic brake + mechanical brake
    Vehicle assembly: balance car and go kart (frame)
    Battery time: balance car battery 54v4 4 a lithium battery, charging time 4 hours, range 20 kilometers;
    Operating temperature: - 10 to 40 degrees;
    Climbing angle: 15 degrees

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