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Haval H6 PHEV

Haval H6 PHEV

Factory price: $22,600-$29,000(¥142,000-¥182,000)

Using the power assembly of 1.5T + motor, the pure electric endurance can reach 201 km, and the comprehensive endurance can exceed 1500 km!

The front face adopts a large-scale dot matrix medium net, the color matching LED headlights and the lateral decoration on the side are full of science fiction. In addition, the surrounding shape of the lower part is dynamic, creating a strong sense of movement.
The length, width and height are 4683 * 1886 * 1730mm and the wheelbase is 2738mm. It is a standard compact SUV. Thanks to the natural consideration of the layout of pure electric and plug-in hybrid models on the lemon platform, it is also necessary that the battery pack will not affect the interior space. The side shape is the same as that of the ordinary model, but there is an additional charging port. The tail shape is the same as that of ordinary models, with only one more PHEV tail logo.
The decoration part will follow the design of cash models. The large-size LCD instrument panel and suspended central control screen highlight the sense of science and technology. The center console with straight and simple lines belongs to the minimalist style, while the through air conditioning outlet is the more popular design language in recent years. The hybrid model may continue to retain the knob shift, and 8 driving modes will be added, Including switching between pure electric mode and hybrid mode.

Haval H6 PHEV


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