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Atmospheric Jeep front face, super light.
Two door design, small and exquisite, easy to operate.
Luxurious interior, clean and simple, without losing atmosphere.
Offset steering wheel, more spacious space.
Large screen MP5 reversing video, widened driver's seat, luxury steering wheel, luxury skylight, high-level ceiling lamp, and range extender can be placed on the front cover.

Four wheeled electric vehicle with canopy for adults to pick up children...

$1,558.00 Regular Price
$1,480.10Sale Price
  • Motor type: sine wave vector motor
    Motor power: 1000 (W)
    Battery capacity: 60V
    Maximum design speed: 40 (km / h)
    Continuous mileage: 50-100 (km)
    Climbing ability: strong
    Loading weight: 500 (kg)
    Vehicle weight: 580 (kg)
    Trunk size: 2450 / 1200 / 1600