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Brushless, high-power differential motor.
Explosion proof tire, wear-resistant, anti-skid and strong grip.
Led highlight headlights, the irradiation distance is about 50 meters, making driving at night more secure.
Select high-quality double bumpers to effectively prevent traffic accidents caused by rear end collision.
Simple operation button, high-grade anti-skid handle.

Electric Tricycle Rickshaw

$1,100.00 Regular Price
$1,045.00Sale Price
  • Motor type: 650W
    Motor power: 60 (W)
    Battery capacity: 60V
    Maximum design speed: 35 (km / h)
    Continuous mileage: 50-70 (km)
    Climbing ability: normal
    Loading weight: 400 (kg)
    Vehicle weight: 360 (kg)
    Trunk size: 2.1m
    Vehicle size: 2.1m/1.1m/1.6m
    Cross border package weight: 260kg
    Unit weight: 260kg
    Product volume: 210cm * 110cm * 160cm

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