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The ninth generation portable design is more portable and can replace the walking balance car.
Automatic and stable startup, multi-sensor control.
Low power reminder and speed limit protection.
Auto balance body, novice two minutes to start.
Cool LED lights, cool luminous wheels, running lights.
The center of gravity leans forward and moves forward at a uniform speed; Press your right foot forward and turn right; Press your left foot forward and turn left; Tilt the center of gravity backward, brake or retreat.
German brushless motor, safer and more stable.
High performance power battery, long endurance and fast charging.
Bluetooth connection, micro multimedia speaker system, double volume increase, double ring speakers, music, more youth!
Safety handrail, 3 sections, lifting and detachable.

Electric self balancing vehicle

$93.00 Regular Price
$88.35Sale Price
  • Motor power: 300W * 2
    Maximum speed: 15km / h
    Limit climbing gradient: 15-40 degrees
    Ultimate bearing capacity: 150kg
    Battery capacity: 1.8A
    Range: 7-10km
    Charging time: 2-3 hours
    Product size: 59cm * 19cm * 19cm
    Outer box length / height / width: 66.5cm * 25cm * 23cm
    Packaging weight of car body belt: 7kg
    Distance between pedal and ground: 11cm
    Charger voltage: ac110-ac220v 50-60Hz
    According to customer requirements, Bluetooth, remote control and handbag can be added.
    There are CE, UL, SAA and other certified chargers.