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Motor type: lead acid battery
Motor power: 800-1200 (W)
Maximum design speed: above 20km/h (km/h)
Continuous mileage: 35-120 (km)
Climbing capacity: 30 °
Vehicle weight: 300 (kg)
Vehicle size: 285*115*160cm
Charging time: 8-10 hours
Color: White / red

double row battery car with shed Pickup truck

$1,264.00 Regular Price
$1,164.00Sale Price
  • Alloy wheel hub, powerful high-power differential brushless motor, low motor running noise, sufficient power, large capacity battery pack, long endurance of 200 miles. Powerful torque, easy to face a 30 degree slope, comfortable shock absorption, thickened vacuum tires, highlighted headlights, making driving safer at night, big disc brake disc. The trunk is enlarged and the rear tail is closed, so the goods are no longer afraid of getting wet.