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Family use bicycle, daily shopping, pick or drop the kids, going to offices....
The newly upgraded lithium battery has a higher capacity density of + 30%. It can be used for one week after charging. It is resistant to low temperature and has a service life of 3-5 years. It can be charged and discharged for about 2500 cycles. The battery is detachable and rechargeable.
Six suspension hydraulic shock absorber, six shock absorbers are installed at the front, middle and rear of the whole vehicle to absorb shock and protect the body from bumps.
Load 25kg, pull goods, take out, carry three people, no pressure.
Quadruple braking, one brake can stop stably without overturning, and can brake in time in case of emergencies when driving at high speed.
Climbing a 30 degree slope without pushing a cart is as easy as going downhill.
The waterproof design of inner wiring is not afraid of water and dampness.
14 inch explosion-proof vacuum tire, built-in three layers of anti puncture protective layer, small fragments, nails are difficult to pierce, so we don't worry about the tire burst cart anymore.
Front basket, daily necessities can be stored directly. The rear cushion can be replaced by a take out rack, which can carry more goods.

48V lithium battery adult battery family bicycle

$380.00 Regular Price
$361.00Sale Price