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Design inspiration keeps the loyal Guardian Knight by your side. When a line moves, it will guard you and let me accompany you all the time.
High speed motor and brushless high-speed motor have good waterproof effect. They can increase the mileage under the condition of reducing loss. The power is surging. The 350W rear hub high-speed motor with rapid power.
Intelligent controller, high torque brushless motor, combined with intelligent controller, automatically optimizes the kinetic energy output, making the power output stable and smooth, strong start and stable acceleration.
Jianda 27.5-inch, non slip tire, 27.5-inch large-size wheel set, combined with Kenda * 2.1 outer tire, has strong grip, anti-skid, stab resistance and stability.
The six point pattern is evenly distributed with landing contacts, which greatly reduces the resistance, enhances the grip and prevents sideslip.
Trafficability: the wheels become smaller and the relative obstacles become smaller. Whether it is convex or gully, the trafficability is better.
Handling: the wheels become larger and the grounding area is wider. It provides stronger grip and easier handling on uphill turns and various complex terrain.
Stability: the wheel becomes larger, the rolling inertia becomes larger, the driving distance in one cycle is longer, and the speed is faster and more stable on downhill roads.
MS central large screen LCD instrument: High Definition LCD instrument interface, real-time monitoring of riding data. Intimate backlight design can be seen clearly in strong light and dark environment to experience leisurely happiness.
200m multi-functional small swallow handlebar: multi-functional imitation swallow handlebar, comfortable grip, relieve arm and waist fatigue, multi-functional design, making travel more concise and convenient.
The three modes can be switched arbitrarily: built-in human mode / power assisted 5-gear mode / pure electric mode. It can be easily switched through the instrument gear and pedal, which can easily meet the needs of different riding scenes.
Manpower mode: turn off the power supply, pedal and ride forward without power consumption.
Boost mode: turn on the power supply, cooperate with the pedal to ride forward, improve the mileage and reduce the power consumption.
Pure electric mode: turn on the power and ride with pure electric power to experience speed and pleasure.
36V 10.4ah 18650 lithium battery cell: 18650 power lithium battery cell, automobile grade battery cell, high electric energy conversion rate and longer endurance. The lithium battery is hidden in the frame, and the controller is hidden under the battery, waterproof and theft proof. The battery is detachable, which can be directly charged on the vehicle or taken down for charging.
Speed change system, Shimano 21 speed: imported Shimano speed change set, with excellent workmanship, strong hand feel, stability and durability, smooth speed change and accurate positioning, brings a new riding experience.
Lockable aluminum alloy, shock-absorbing front fork: good shock-absorbing front fork can provide comfortable riding experience, use high-strength materials to improve service life, lockable design, suitable for a variety of roads.
The road surface is more flat and the front fork will not be locked.
Slope pavement (locked state): the force will not be dispersed by the front fork, so it is more labor-saving.
Bumpy road surface (non locked state) can alleviate the bumps brought by the road surface and make riding more comfortable.
27.5-inch aluminum alloy frame: aviation grade aluminum alloy 6061 is selected, which has higher strength, corrosion resistance and penetration resistance, and lighter weight. The three-layer paint baking process is not easy to fall off and brings you a cool appearance.
Product details display: more details, just to take care of your happy riding.
1. Mechanical front and rear double disc brakes: the front and rear mechanical disc brakes are designed with sensitive braking, porous disc brake disc technology, fast heat dissipation and long service life.
2. LED aluminum alloy lamp group: LED aluminum alloy lamp group has wide irradiation range, strong brightness and strong penetration in rainy and foggy days, making it more safe to travel at night.
3. Comfortable soft seat: high elastic sponge seat alleviates riding fatigue, adjustable lifting seat tube is suitable for more people, rechargeable warning light, and Zhongjia adds a safety.
4. Quick disassembly of manned shelf: high carbon steel manned shelf, safe and firm, quick disassembly design, convenient travel, safe and convenient manned load.

27.5-inch aluminum alloy adult assisted electric mountain bike 21 speed

$619.00 Regular Price
$588.05Sale Price
  • Essential information:Cross border package weight: 28 kgUnit weight: 28KGProduct volume: 135cm * 25cm * 76cmMaterial: aluminum alloy carArticle No.: akez 007 inner suction pipeFrame structure: integral vehicleFold: no

    Color: Black / white
    Size: 36V 350W 10.4ah
    Speed: 30km / h
    Transmission: Shimano 21 speed
    Mode: manpower mode / power assisted 5th gear mode / pure electric mode


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