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Folding cross-country, exquisite work, carefully create high-quality frame, folding frame design, provide more possibilities for outing, light, easy to carry, no tools, easy to fold, folding can be put in the trunk.
Professional transmission kit, short transmission stroke, clear gear, fast and labor-saving transmission. High elastic shock absorption, comfortable cushioning, positioning tower wheel has more stable speed change performance and lightweight.
Special tire for mountain area, dense anti-skid particles, corrugated anti-skid structure, bold, wild, with good grip, low rolling resistance and labor-saving riding.

essential information: 

                                                               24 Inch                 26 Inch
Vehicle length:                                165 cm                 172 cm
Seat off the ground:                     70-85cm            80-95cm
Handlebar off the ground:          94 cm                106 cm
Wheel diameter:                             60 cm                  65 cm
Folding length:                                 90 cm                 95 cm
Folding width:                                    33 cm                35 cm
Folding height:                                   80cm                 100cm
Suitable height:                            140-170 cm      160-185 cm

Cross border package weight: 19 kg
Unit weight: 18 kg
Product volume: 135 cm * 19 cm * 72 cm

26 inch variable speed folding shock absorption mountain bike

$113.00 Regular Price
$107.35Sale Price

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