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Folding effect: the folding of this model adopts a new technology, which has the advantages of small volume and no space occupation after folding. It can be placed without worry after being tested by various car tailboxes. Folding bicycle is a way to fold the front and rear wheels together through the frame folding box, which can reduce the length of about 45%. After folding, the whole vehicle is more convenient to carry and does not occupy space.
From the quality of products to the positioning suitable for people, the scope of application is wider.
Cycling enthusiasts: easy to carry, so that you can experience the fun of cycling at any time. The flexible and changeable journey will bring you complete enjoyment of unlimited scenery and freedom.
Office workers: the convenient folding and lightweight body allows you to get on the bus, elevator, subway, upstairs and downstairs, and put it into the office or home.
School students: the handlebars and cushions can be adjusted freely from primary school students to adults. The body is light, the center of gravity is low, and the color is bright and fragrant
Middle aged and elderly people: fishing, exercise, walking, ultra light body, safe low center of gravity, light riding

Dental disc and pedal: the dental disc configuration uses a large folding car dental disc, which is designed to reduce the stress of cyclists during riding and improve the fun of riding.
The pedal is equipped with double folding pedals to minimize the space occupied during folding and facilitate the placement of the rear trunk.
The tooth disc is the part connected with the crank in the bicycle. The size of the tooth disc directly affects the rider's riding feeling in the process of riding.
Transmission: the original imported positioning transmission improves the speed change performance of folding as a whole. The transmission is simple, easy to operate and maintain, so that riders can experience the fun of speed change and reduce the fatigue of riding.
The function of the transmission: the function of the bicycle transmission system is to change the speed of the bicycle by changing the coordination of the chain and different front and rear gear discs.

20 inch adult children's 6 variable speed folding bicycle men's and women's gift

$118.00 Regular Price
$114.46Sale Price
  • Color: Black / White / Blue 
    Size: 20 inches
    Cross border package weight: 18kg
    Unit weight: 18kg
    Product volume: 86cm * 32cm * 66cm
    Material: carbon steel car
    Frame structure: folding car
    Collapse: Yes
    Tire: 20 inch non slip rubber tire
    Model: folding 20 inch bicycle
    Height: suitable for riders of 135-185cm height


    Tire: the original export of Chaoyang mountain bike special thick tire, which is comparable to automobile tire, wear-resistant and durable. The original car is equipped with a pair of fenders, so you don't need to buy it separately. The tires of this model are completely produced according to the export quality standards, and the quality is very good. Moreover, after countless road tests, you can buy and use them at ease.
    Seat cushion: the special super comfortable seat cushion for mountain bikes is selected to ensure the comfort of cyclists on the way, so as to improve the fun of riding without worrying about the pain caused by sitting for a long time. The bicycle cushion is a bicycle accessory that contacts with the butt when the bicycle is riding. The comfort of cyclists when riding depends entirely on the material selection of seat cushions.
    Warm tip: after receiving the new bicycle, do not remember to fill it with gas. Just fill it with gas for seven minutes.